Hardhaus (2020) Prellær aCountry/rockFormat: Album

Hardhaus (2020) Ny sjans, ny vårCountry/rockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2020) GatelongsFolk/RockFormat: Single

Harlekin (2020) Gråna Benk CountryFormat: Single

Less Pål (2020) Få tilbake 70-talletFunk/rockFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2020) Svikefulle MariCountry/rockFormat: Single

Carina Dahl (2020) Få mæ hjæmBygderock/popFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2020) Hei til degRock/PopFormat: Single

Harlekin (2020) UtepilsCountryFormat: Single

Less Pål (2020) FredPop/rockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2020) Sånne som degRockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2019) Ta mi handRock/PopFormat: Single

Spelloppmaker (2019) Vår SangCountryFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2019) MirakelmannCountryrockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) Hvor ble det av MachoCountryrockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2019) Speil speil på veggen derPop/rockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2019) Er mi her nå igjenRockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) Tøy til tørkPop/rockFormat: Single

Spelloppmaker (2019) Kaldt Vatn Og LutCountry/folkFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2019) Raud SolCountryFormat: Single

Rune Rudberg Band (2019) Old CountryCountryFormat: Album

Sie Gubba (2019) SenoritaCountryrockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) OslofjordVisepopFormat: Single

Harlekin (2019) I Andre RekkeCountryFormat: Album

Spelloppmaker (2019) Gjemsel med kulaFolk/RockFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2019) Evig SommårCountry/RockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2019) Hen vil du ha megRockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) Din sangViseFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2019) Når vi to blir enFolk/rockFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2019) Imot nattBallade/rockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2019) Meir av det godeFolk/rockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) Konge uten landCountry/RockFormat: Single

Harlekin (2019) SidehillingCountry/folkFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2019) Me ser rødtCountryrockFormat: Single

Less Pål (2019) AmerikaCountry rockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2019) La dagen vare evigFolkrockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2019) Ikkje sei eit ordRockFormat: Single

Sie Gubba (2019) Våre beste balladerCountryrockFormat: Album

Hardhaus (2018) Alt det du saFolkrockFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2018) Om med klarer det herRockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2018) Broten kvistRockFormat: Single

Harlekin (2018) I andre rekkeNorsk CountryFormat: Single

Harlekin (2018) Kom tebakeNorsk CountryFormat: Single

Dakota (2018) Hipp hurraFestmusikkFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2018) SjampanjeFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2018) Berre i nattFolkrockFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2018) HardhausCountry/RockFormat: Album

Dakota (2018) Hallo verdenFestmusikkFormat: Single

Rune Rudberg Band (2018) MinnerCountryFormat: Album

Harlekin (2018) Te SåmmårsNorsk CountryFormat: Single

Dakota (2018) LøvetannFestmusikkFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2018) Livets HjulRockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2018) DraumarFolkrockFormat: Single

Dakota (2018) PlogbilenFestmusikkFormat: Single

Harlekin (2018) Gi Mæ FriCountryrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2018) På veiFolkrockFormat: Album

Rune Rudberg Band (2017) Stop telling those liesCountryFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2017) Siste sjansRockFormat: Single

Rune Sanden (2017) Mykje vil ha meirFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2017) E på veiFolkrockFormat: Single

Harlekin (2017) Camel ToeCountryFormat: Single

Hardhaus (2017) GatelangsRockFormat: Single

Rune Rudberg Band (2017) Vill indianer i cowboyklærCountryFormat: Single

The Beatniks (2017) Here's to youPopFormat: Single

Rune Rudberg Band (2017) To små henderCountryFormat: Single

Harlekin (2017) KæmpinglivCountryFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2017) Ei runde tilFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2017) Rundt neste svingFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2017) Syng mej en songFolkrockFormat: Single

Sie Gubba (2017) ArvenCountryrockFormat: Album

Rotlaus (2016) ByjentaFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2016) BygderampFolkrockFormat: Album

Rotlaus (2016) SommardraumFolkrockFormat: Single

Rotlaus (2016) BygderampFolkrockFormat: Single

Sie Gubba (2015) Live - 20 årCountryrockFormat: Album

The Beatniks (2011) 5070 talls popFormat: Album

The Beatniks (2008) Swing Is The Thing70 talls popFormat: Album

Sie Gubba (2005) Sie GubbaCountryrockFormat: Album

Sie Gubba (2003) Bykar (Remastered)CountryrockFormat: Album

Sie Gubba (2002) Lørdag e'det fæstCountryrockFormat: Album

Sie Gubba (2000) Lynx'nCountryrockFormat: Album

The Beatniks (1999) Into The Shadows70 talls popFormat: Album

The Beatniks (1998) Cross Country70 talls popFormat: Album

The Beatniks (1997) Elvis Presley Is Alive And Well70 talls popFormat: Album

The Beatniks (1996) Jukebox Swing70 talls popFormat: Album

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