Carina Dahl

Carina Dahl

This year has been a busy year with participation in Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision) with the song Hold Me Down. And of course her Norwegian version of "Despacito", which she does in duet with Adrian Jørgensen, that now is streamed over 3 million times.

She has now joined Hellsbells Records and her first single released by the recordcompany is called "Få mæ hjæm", and aims to become a hit.

Also the 3rd place of Farmen Celebrity was a great follow up after Carina's participation in "71 Degrees North - Norway's Toughest Celebrity” last year, where she came 4th.

Her bikini line ”Pinkyswear by Carina Dahl” has been selling great, and Carina is now doing new designer projects for 2020.

Carina Dahl is available for concerts and offers different live layouts adapted to different types of events, both full-band concerts, singback-performances, acoustic performances, and also an amazing combination with Adrian Jørgensen.

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